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Happy Hump Day!

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KEEPIN’ UP WITH KENDALL: Someone please dial 911! There’s a fashion emergency happening within the Kardashian clan by the name of Kendall Jenner. But this girl isn’t committing a crime like her less sartorially-savvy older sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. This issue regards the five-alarm status of her modeling career right now.

Earlier this month, she booked a coveted slot to walk in Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2014 show in New York. Then she ‘hopped across the pond’ to walk for Giles during London Fashion Week, while squeezing in time to hobnob with Anna Wintour during the TopShop Unique show. But, if that wasn’t enough, she lands an opportunity to walk exclusively for Givenchy in Paris.

Kendall’s career launched after she signed with model management firm The Society last year. They’re a division of Elite Model Management in New York, representing bold-faced names like Adriana Lima and Lindsay Wixson. She’s also recently developed a strong business relationship with powerhouse stylist Katie Grand. This explains Kendall’s stints for Marc Jacobs and Giles; two of many designers Grand works with during show season.

But, let’s be honest here: it doesn’t hurt that she comes from reality television royalty. Her father is Olympic legend Bruce Jenner (check!) and her sister is Kim Kardashian, mother to the daughter of Kanye West (BOOM!). Surely, she’s got the look, but she’s definitely got the right connections.

See the full story on sister site Dress-Code.

ADELE DAZEEM: Watch out out Beyonce! She’s coming for you…because John Travolta said so.

PAT CLEVELAND’S GOT A NUDE ATTITUDE: You’re truly on to something when larger-than-life editor Andre Leon Talley collaborates with the devilishly handsome designer and photographer Tom Ford. Throw into the mix legendary supermodel Pat Cleveland along with South African male model Conrad Bromfield and - BOOM! - you’ve got yourself a fashionable Supernova.

This explosion of style occurs in the March issue of Numero Russia on newsstands now. The cheeky cover and fourteen-page spread, photographed by Ford, features a 60-year old Cleveland cavorting with a completely nude Bromfield. She looks better than ever sporting ensembles from Tom Ford’s Spring 2014 collection. Leon Talley, currently Editor-at-Large at Numero Russia, clearly had the right idea when planning this spread.

WATER, WATER, EVERYWHERE: The human body greatly benefits from drinking plenty of water yet many of us refuse to incorporate it into our diets. It lowers cholesterol, prevents excessive weight gain, burns those nasty calories and speeds up the metabolism. With beach weather just over the horizon, it seems like increased water consumption is one step closer to a healthier body.


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FOOD AND WINE: A dry white is perfect with a plate of veggies. However, Chardonnay is great with a soft cheese. Port will do the trick with a delicious dessert, but it’s definitely necessary to sip on Pinot Noir when a fish is the entree of the evening. If you never want to sound like you’re talking out of your ass ever again when discussing wines then please reference this informative chart by Wine Folly. It will save your life…and you’ll never sound uncultured ever again.

YANIS MARSHALL CHOREOGRAPHY "DRUNK IN LOVE" BEYONCE. Heels Class in LONDON Studio68. @yanismarshall from Yanis Marshall on Vimeo.

DRUNK BOOTS: Dancer and choreographer Yanis Marshall continues to wow with his amazing talent. In this video, Miss Knowles herself could take some pointers from Marshall’s high-heeled choreographed rendition to her hit single “Drunk In Love”. Just be ready to get turned on when watching this extremely sexual performance. Cold shower anyone?

Bonjour, Girl: What would happen if Disney’s Beauty & The Beast was made over and camped-up by a team of over-the-top gay men and turned into a drag queen revue? Watch this video to find out!

Twin (Sneak) Peaks: With today being 9/11, the media is having a field day bombarding the masses with depressing images of what happened to the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001. So, it was interesting to stumble across the above video which remembers the Twin Towers on a much more uncoventional note: movie cameos. Let’s just say that the Twin Towers were more popular than any Hollywood actor worth their fame.

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GUYS FROM FORD SUMMER 2012 from 4x5 on Vimeo.

Ford Focused: Ford Models wants you to focus on their talent’s core assets. And by core I’m talking about the core of a man’s body: abdominal muscles. If two whole minutes of video footage of male models showing off their abs doesn’t grab your attention then I don’t know what will.

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September 11th: A decade later.

Only 15 More Days Left Of Summer (even if it doesn’t feel like it).


Milk Made: Milk Studios’ New York Fashion Week mash-up. Watch it standing up and you might just begin to float.

Heroine Chic: Actress Kate Winslet elegantly graces the cover of V Magazine’s issue #73, also known as "The Heroes Issue", photographed by Mario Testino and styled by Carine Roitfeld. This is beauty at its best.

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