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The 12 States of America

Since 1980, income inequality has fractured the nation. Click each icon to see each of the dozen states, which counties belong to them and how median income has changed over the last 30 years.

"In another time or place, the game of “What Are You?” that was played one night last fall at the University of Maryland might have been mean, or menacing: Laura Wood’s peers were picking apart her every feature in an effort to guess her race.” -Susan Saulny

Photography by Stephen Crowley for The New York Times.

America: land of the free and home of the obese. But the truth is America’s waistlines aren’t so wide compared to their global neighbors. The United States ranks at #8 in Global Post’s list of the world’s 25 fattest countries. And this whole time we thought we were the big boys in the room. Can someone please pass me the that box of doughnuts? I’m hungry. Shit.

According to Global Post, the top 10 fattest countries are as follows:

1.) Nauru (95% of the population)

2.) Micronesia (92% of the population)

3.) The Cook Islands (92% of the population)

4.) Tonga (92% of the population)

5.) Niue (84% of the population)

6.) Samoa (83% of the population)

7.) Palau (81% of the population)

8.) United States (79% of the population)

9.) Kiribati (77% of the population)

10.) Dominica (76% of the population)

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