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Did Lindsay Lohan and James Franco Pose Nude for Terry Richardson This Weekend?

Francois Sagat Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Hanging Out: Provocateur lensman Terry Richardson gets his well-known gropey hands (and lens) on French gay porn/performance artist Francois Sagat for the March 2011 issue of Out. Sagat talks with the magazine about his reinvention from shy, skinny fashion queen cum sensationalist sex symbol.

Me and François Sagat

Terry Richardson and Francois Sagat photographed by Terry Richardson.

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"The fashion industry in 2010 was rocked by everything from untimely deaths to unlikely unionization efforts. Money, sexual harassment, suicide, and shocking resignations: here’s what changed fashion this year.”  — Jenna Sauers 

The Biggest Fashion Stories Of 2010

Terry Richardson’s take on Brazilian male model Marlon Teixeira.

Don’t ask, do tell!

Photographer Terry Richardson and fashion designer/filmmaker Tom Ford having a behind-the-scenes moment during a shoot for French Vogue.

The hipster moment did not produce artists, but tattoo artists, who gained an entire generation’s arms, sternums, napes, ankles, and lower backs as their canvas. It did not produce photographers, but snapshot and party photographers: Last Night’s Party, Terry Richardson, the Cobra Snake. It did not produce painters, but graphic designers. It did not yield a great literature, but it made good use of fonts. And hipsterism did not make an avant-garde; it made communities of early adopters.

Mark Greif’s musings regarding the hipster movement in an article for New York Magazine.

Takeru Kobayashi (Hot Dog Eating Champion) photographed by Terry Richardson for VMAN

A match made in fashion heaven: bad boy photographer Terry Richardson and British male supermodel David Gandy. These photographs are behind-the-scenes outtakes during a shoot for Sergio K.’s latest ad campaign, photographed at The Jane Hotel. Words cannot explain the sex appeal oozing from these images. “Calgon, take me away!” 

Garrett Neff Cory Bond Nate Gill and Garrett Neff Garrett Neff Nate Gill Grayson Gettys and Tanner Tillung Cory Bond (What's going on down there?!) Tanner Tillung

Work It Out, VMan #16

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get into shape. Every time I look at this men’s fashion spread from VMan, titled ‘Work It Out!’, I feel inspired to hit the gym and get physical. Garrett Neff, Cory Bond, Grayson Gettys, Tanner Tillung and my future husband Nate Gill demonstrate – through the lens of Terry Richardson – a well-balanced workout. Honestly, nothing would get done if these boys were my personal trainers. But, with that said, let’s keep them in the pages and away from me.

Let’s Give It Up For The Black Ass!

David Agbodji and Terry Richardson during outtakes for French Vogue.

If you didn’t know that I am a little obsessed with David Agbodji then this post should finalize this fact. Bad boy photographer Terry Richardson released a few behind-the-scenes outtakes from his latest shoot for French Vogue, featuring Calvin Klein headliner David Agbodji. I cannot get over my good friend Jose commenting about the current Calvin Klein ads featuring David’s derriere. He screams “it’s about time we showcase a beautiful black ass and put it on Madison Avenue. Let’s give it up for the black ass!” Clearly, Terry Richardson agrees.

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Happy Hump Day! Yes, I know this photo is NOT safe for work, but when has anything shot by Terry Richardson been safe for work? In the words of Jose Germosen, “let’s give it up for the black ass!” (or Brazilian ass in this case)

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