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Dating site OK Cupid researched the sexual lifestyles of their heterosexual and homosexual male subscribers and found some interesting results:

1.) For the most part, gay men are not sexually interested in straight men.

2.) Gay men are not anymore promiscuous than their heterosexual counterparts.

3.) Heterosexuals have gay sex too.

4.) Surprisingly the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, West Coast, the upper reaches of New England and pretty much all of Canada is ‘gay curious’.

5.) Heterosexual males are apparently more adventurous, aggressive, competitive, confident, dorky, horny, into sports, kinky, optimistic, polite, romantic, religious and violent while homosexual males tend to be more ambitious, artsy, compassionate, generous, introverted, literary, political, spontaneous and trusting. Although both gay and straight men are equally into drug use.

Clearly a lot of these results are not facts we never knew before. But, it’s still interesting information regarding the differences and similarities between heterosexual and homosexual men. See more here.

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