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I know there are others like me that aren’t wired this way, and seek something with some level of greater commitment both emotionally and sexually. I have a myriad of friends who complain all the time: “I am not slutty enough for New York.”

Juliet Jeske: Dating After Divorce In a City of Sluts 

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Dear Single Women of NYC: It’s Not Them, It’s You.

"If you’re not Hispanic, I want you to have an olive skin tone. I really like dark skin and it’s something that’s non-negotiable. The last person I need to be with is another white boy from the Valley.

You also need to have a nice ass and look like you eat regularly. I’m not in the mood to be the fat one in the relationship so if you could keep eating that spaghetti, that would be great.” - Ryan O’ Connell

In New York, and especially in the movie business, it’s hard to dispel the fantasy that there’s always someone better just around the corner.

- Laura Berning in an article for The New York Times titled I Call Your/His Name.


"Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin suggest that what really matters in a budding relationship isn’t looks or common interests, but compatible language styles. They studied language style by use of personal pronouns, articles, prepositions and adverbs. “You are four times more likely to match and probably go on a date if your language style matching is even just above average,” said study author James Pennebaker.  Researchers also tracked college-aged students’ IMs concluding if they “were high in language style matching they were much more likely to be together three months later,” and those with the highest matching, “were 50 percent more likely to be dating at follow-up.”

Boyfriend Blues: YouTube sensation Luan Legacy has some wise and very important advice for all of you desperate, man-hungry parasites out there. But, this is only if you completely understand what the hell he’s saying.

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"A good marriage civilizes men. At least, that’s what it looks like, since fewer married men are antisocial. Married men are more responsible, less aggressive, less likely to do something illegal and more mentally healthy than single ones." - Belinda Luscombe


Wandering spouses have become a common trope for the women of Moscow. “Men’s environment here pushes them towards cheating,” Tanya told me, adding that, these days, a boys’ night out in Russia often involves prostitutes. Tanya and her friends are young, educated, upper-middle-class Muscovites, but talk to any woman in Moscow, and, regardless of age, education, or income level, she’ll have a story of anything from petty infidelity to a parallel family that has existed for decades. Infidelity in Moscow has become “a way of life,” as another friend of mine put it—accepted and even expected. - Jessica Ioffe

Tis the season to be single…


NPR’s Robert Krulwich ponders the recent infographic that shows peak break-up times on Facebook based on status-message-data-crunching. (Apparently we’re now entering the ‘danger season.’ Be afraid, ye in relationships.)

He wants to know what you see when you look at the graph. What do you believe? What do you doubt? What did you learn? Let him know.

"Armed with confidence and motivated by frustration, women are taking bar scene matters - and the art of the pickup - into their own hands." - Amelia Rayno

"According to a study, men keen on a short-term relationship are more interested in checking out a woman’s body than are those looking for long-term love." - Pamela Love

Long-distance is the wrong distance!

Ricky Marson

Get that man! Get that money! Keep it moving!

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