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TODAY IN WTF AD INDUSTRY: I can’t even make time to explain this fucked-up image: This ad is actually running as a general market campaign in the U.S. Who thought this was a good idea? Apparently, a black man thought it was a good idea. According to Nivea, the chief creative on this account was African-American.

L’Afrique, C’est Chic: Musical super-diva Beyonce Knowles has the Black community up in arms over her Fela Kuti-inspired photo spread in the March 2011 issue of L’Officiel. In a couple of shots, she’s photographed in “blackface”—a disrespectful nod to African-Americans on behalf of prejudiced Whites in early 20th-century American culture. Surprisingly (and unfortunately in the year 2011) the European fashion world has taken a sudden interest in “blackface” inspired photo spreads, an issue Robin Givhan documents in an incredible article for New York Magazine.

With so much controversy surrounding race in what some call a “post-racial society” (a term with little meaning), why would Beyonce—an incredibly talented woman dominating a marketplace teeming with the mediocre—resort to an absurd publicity stunt a la Lady Gaga?

Beyonce Knowles on the cover of the March 2011 issue of L’Officiel.


“Revisionist History” the latest exhibit by artist George Thompson.

The gallery show at the Known Gallery tackles race issues by featuring a series of paintings depicting Ku Klux Klan members engaged in a game of basketball. The show runs from February 19th to March 12th, 2011.

His work sounds really interesting - a kind of fresh way to look at the Klan and the history of racism in Amerikkka. I would have loved to see close-ups of the work though.

(via mekhismind)

"You’ve heard the racial epithet: All you people look the same. It’s detestable, but a new study shows that the racist observation happens to be true.” - John Cloud

David Sacks/Getty Images

Photo: David Sacks/Getty Images

I think the correct title for this post should have been 'Sexism Among Minorities' or 'Homophobia Among Minorities' because two African-American women being prejudiced towards two gay men is technically not racist. Judging from the opening title, I assumed this post was about Black on Black bigotry which -surprisingly to anyone whom isn’t Black - is a common and very ironic problem within the African-American community.

I do agree with the author of this post by saying that it definitely makes no sense when any minority shows any sort of prejudice towards anyone else. They know what it’s like to be discriminated against. I guess this same rule applies to women, since women were at once a minority here in the United States. Although, the tables have turned and women are now the majority sex in this country. Should women never be biased against gay men as much as African-Americans?

I was serving two gays the other day. They’re regulars and adorable. As I took their order, the hostess sat two African American women at the next table. The boys ordered a bowl of soup to share before the main course. As I went over and started taking the order for the two ladies, the runner…

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