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GENTRIFICATION SPIKE: Director and New York City native Spike Lee goes off on a heated rant regarding the negative effects of gentrification.

The Gay ManThe Straight WomanThe Straight ManThe Gay WomanThomas McKee, Lauren Urasek, James Hawver and Kerry Campbell photographed by Christopher Anderson for New York Magazine


Jen Doll has written a fantastic cover this week about “How To Be A New Yorker.” A must-read for anyone heading home for the holidays missing this great city of ours, or anyone who’s staying and feels like they need a few reasons to love this town. 


Sidewalk rage is real! 


Niagara Falls Goes Rainbow In Honor of Gay Marriage

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A River Runs Through It: A pool for you, me, and everyone we know (not to mention “your girlfriend, your boss, your bartender, your tamale guy, and your other girlfriend”).

+Pool proposes a giant floating pool in the East River - but they need help to make it happen! Their Kickstarter is here.


The Creative Process Behind New York’s Iconic High Line

James Corner is one of the premiere theorists and practitioners of landscape architecture, a field that emphasizes the design of outdoor and public spaces to achieve specific environmental, socio-behavioral, and aesthetic outcomes. The principal designer at James Corner Field Operations, a New York-based architecture firm, Corner focuses on landscape urbanism, an amalgamation of a wide range of disciplines including landscape architecture, ecology, and urban design. In a conversation with associate editor Jared Keller, Corner discusses the creative process behind New York’s now-iconic elevated park, The High Line, whose second section opened in June.

With the High Line, we had this extraordinary artifact that in some ways was an ugly duckling, something with potential. At the turn of the century, it was derelict; the concrete and steel and tracks were obviously in disrepair, the rails rusted, the wood cracked. Most people at the time thought it should be torn down. But where some people saw dereliction, others saw inspiration. It was in the landscape running along those broken tracks. The photographs of Joel Sternfeld (fine-art color photography and publisher of Walking the High Line (2002), an anthology focusing on the railway) had a remarkable influence in allowing people to view this thing as something with potential rather than something to be skeptical of. Running for a mile and a half through the west side of Manhattan, there’s a remarkable dialogue between nature and industry—or rather, post-industry—suspended 30 feet in the air.

Photographs, schematics, landscape ecology, and more at The Atlantic


Gimme A Break: [NYC] Pride taking a break for salad.


You hear it comin’? The second section of the Highline is opening next month!


The Gateway to the East Village

Boy, times have changed!

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How does the New York Times cover New York City?

Via Visualizing.org:

The graphs on the left chart the number of New York Times articles mentioning each of the 5 boroughs by year since 1981.  The total for the last 30 years is represented on the map showing how visible each borough is in the pages of the Times. 

Manhattan’s the top news maker followed by Brooklyn and the Bronx (question: Yankees?).

Queens gets remarkably short shrift. It’s New York’s second most populous borough (behind Brooklyn) and its most diverse. If it was an independent city it would be the country’s third largest (dropping to fourth if Brooklyn was also a city).

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Why Do People Flee and Flock to New York?

You can plug in your zip code to find out why your neighbors move out or in of your neighborhood.


Dear Single Women of NYC: It’s Not Them, It’s You.


Congrats, Manhattan. You’re officially the mushiest borough. (via: Runnin’ Scared

W57 - West 57th Residential Building from BIG on Vimeo.


So y’all have heard all about the BIG apartment building (aka pyramid) slated for Midtown Manhattan. But have you seen the video fly-over rendering?

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