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Mindrelic - Manhattan in motion from Mindrelic on Vimeo.


Empire State Of Mind: How Josh Owens made this beautiful time-lapse video of Times Square, a stunning love letter to the Big Apple.

Just Look At This Place. What’s Not To Love? by Javier C. Hernandez for The New York Times

"Fashion people aren’t that different from the kids who played Dungeons & Dragons in high school. At the end of the day, they both have an undying love for something that most people don’t understand. Fashion just happens to be prettier, thinner and cooler than magical alternate universes." - Ryan O’ Connell

"Which American cities spend the most time and money to look good? From L.A. to Miami, The Daily Beast studies the statistics to determine the country’s capitals of narcissism." - The Daily Beast

1. ) San Francisco, CA

2.) Boston, MA

3.) New York, NY

4.) Los Angeles, CA

5.) Hartford, CT

6.) Dallas, TX

7.) Chicago, IL

8.) Charlotte, NC

9.) Minneapolis, MN

10.) Columbus, OH

11.) Nashville, TN

12.) Denver, CO

13.) San Diego, CA

14.) Raleigh, NC

15.) Miami, FL

16.) Indianapolis, IN

17.) Buffalo, NY

18.) St. Louis, MO

19.) Houston, TX

20.) Orlando, FL

For some reason, it is very hard for me to believe San Francisco and Boston to be more vain than New York, Los Angeles and Miami. I understand there are some tricky statistics involved which lead to these results, but this is a little unbelievable.

Article - Vainest Cities GAL LAUNCH

Prospect Park West by Amy Sohn


“Brooklyn gentrification novelists have always alleged that aesthetics, not class, unite and divide their borough. Not so, Amy Sohn tells us  in her new novel Prospect Park West. What matters is money, and in Park Slope white people have it. Sohn’s privileged characters do not pretend otherwise, nor do they deny their status as gentrifiers. At the end of the novel, a successful actress decamps from Brooklyn’s Gold Coast to Manhattan; another woman receives her comeuppance when, after putting a down payment on a long-coveted apartment, she discovers that the school district has been rezoned. Her son must attend PS 282, two-thirds black, one-third Hispanic, and ‘the worst kind of school there was: too bad to be good but too good to be bad.’ Sohn, the least self-avowedly serious of Brooklyn writers, is the only one who can afford to be so honest.” - Elizabeth Gumport on gentrified fiction for n+1.

Sidewalk sabotage! If newly-installed bike lanes are important to New York City’s street culture then the above photo’s concept is just as important.

This girl needs to audition to become a cast member on Saturday Night Live (SNL), STAT!

In this video she’s imitating a self-described “fictional” yet stereotypically ghetto Dominican girl living in New York’s Washington Heights. Since the girl imitating lives in the Heights, I’m assuming she’s received enough practice as a curious cultural observer. But, girl! Don’t be too curious on the wrong street because curiosity killed the cat…and so will the wrong thug!

But, at the end of the day, what can you say? Her impression is dead on—no pun intended.


JAY LENO: So where were the girls better? Louisana or New York?
IAN SOMERHALDER: They were sweeter and more amazing in Louisana, uhh but they were a lot looser and cooler in New York.
LENO: You know what? That was the most honest answer I’ve ever heard. Thank-you.
IAN: Well I am a guy.

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Compare our map of the gangs of old New York, to New York Magazine’s map of gang territories in New York today.

 “A few years ago, you would see kids 19, 20 years old,” says one NYPD veteran who works the gang beat in Harlem. “Now these kids are babies—15, 14—and they are vicious. They will shoot you in a heartbeat and not think twice about it.”

Lapham’s Quarterly excels at reframing issues outside of their historical context. Their piece on gang turf in 1800s New York City dovetails nicely with New York Magazine’s piece on today’s gangs.

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"Want to party at the latest night spots? Meet the new scenemakers in New York.” - Alex Williams

Photography by Piotr Redlinski for The New York Times

Matt Tratner, teacher and guidance counselor at John Bowne High School

Aside from Matt Tratner’s oozing hotness (I mean, c’mon…where were teachers like this in my high school?), he’s a positive example of LGBT equality for the younger generation.

You’re stressed? Well, don’t go to Los Angeles! According to the American Psychological Association’s Stress In America survey, L.A. is America’s most stressed city. I guess all of that sunshine doesn’t put a smile on your face after all.

Dennis Romero for LA Weekly compiled results on his blog. Consider these facts regarding L.A.’s stress: 

"Nearly three in 10 Angelenos say they’re stressed out, according to the report.

-Three-quarters of you say your stress is over money.

-Nearly half of you are irritable.

-Sixty-nine percent of Angelenos have job stress (if you even have jobs).

-Nearly one-third of you said pressure to look good causes stress (of course).

-And only about one in five us deal with stress by praying (shame on you).

Feeling down? Don’t fear. Remember what Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said this week: “No one cares if you smoke a joint or not.”

See the full survey of America’s stress here.

A banana and its Cali sticker. Cake crumbs on a decorative plate. Kentucky-fried chicken leg! Silverware wrapped in napkin with flower Burger, fries and spilled Coke on a lid. Loaded nachos! Corn on a cob. Broken saltine crackers in tomato soup. A quick and easy microwave dinner! A cherry Pop Tart!

The United Plates by John Holcomb

Artwork for a person with an appetite for U.S. geography - no pun intended!

D.C. as a cherry Pop Tart, Connecticut as a microwavable TV dinner and New York as a greasy diner meal is already making my stomach growl!

See more States here for a serious chow-down!

Professor Elizabeth Currid-Halkett of USC is debuting a fascinating new book titled Starstruck: The Business of Celebrity, an in-depth look into the celebrity power machine. According to Currid-Halkett’s research, Anna Wintour is the overall ultimate power celebrity. Not Madonna, Oprah Winfrey and no, not even Brad Pitt - the crown goes to Miss Wintour. 

Elizabeth chatted with the New York Daily News’ Frank DiGiacomo about what it takes to be the ultimate celebrity. And below are some interesting facts for all of your fame-seekers out there:

1.) L.A. is not a positive influence on a celebrity’s industry prestige. “B and C-listers,” Elizabeth writes “show up disproportionately in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, stars photographed in London or Japan have greater global fame.”

2.) Appearances in New York enhance prestige and star-power. “Manhattan is very small,” Elizabeth says. It’s a “limited playground”.

Read the rest here.

Elizabeth Currid-Halkett’s new book Starstruck: The Business of Celebrity

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