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Ch-Ch-Ch-Channing: Ladies and gentle-queens, let’s face it: we’re all a little obsessed with Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum. He’s giving you face for days, body-ody-ody-ody and swag appeal so potent your panties drop just from the thought of his sizzling personality. But, do any of you remember him when he was a young male fashion model? 

Leave it up to respected fashion journalist Tim Blanks to dig up some precious footage of a then 21-year old Tatum. It’s all captured in a new Style.com web series titled TBT (as in Throwback Thursdays). Blanks interviews Tatum backstage at Neil Barrett’s first ever menswear show, chatting about career goals and Kate Moss. 

D&G Dolce & Gabbana Dries Van Noten John Richmond Miharayasuhiro Neil Barrett Roberto Cavalli

Fur Real: For Fall 2011-12, there was enough fur on the runways to give PETA activists a heart attack. 

Givenchy Alexis Mabille Dior Homme Louis Vuitton Michael Kors Neil Barrett Prada Versace Rick Owens Issey Miyake

Welcome To The Gun Show!, Spring 2010

‘Bing, bang, boom!’  is the sound coming from the runways for spring 2010, because designers are ready to show off those arms. Throw on a tank top and make sure your layered shirt, sweater or jacket is sleeveless. This trend is unique because designers found creative ways to incorporate full looks into their collections without a need for sleeves.

Throw on a button-down shirt, layered with a sweater vest and jacket and – boom! – you have a full look…without sleeves! I’ve never had a problem with a good set of guns, so men everywhere need to be ready to aim and fire!

Band Of Outsiders Bottega Veneta C.P. Company DKNY Iceberg Neil Barrett Rag & Bone Emporio Armani Louis Vuitton Miharayasuhiro

Let’s Get Physical!, Spring 2010

Leaving the gym has never looked so good. It’s like 'sweatin' to the oldies' all over again, sans Richard Simmons and way more chic. Sweatpants are an interesting trend this season because they have always been a garment to abuse when running to the supermarket, hoping that no one sees you. But, this time you actually want someone to see you and you might just happen to pair them with a blazer for a night out on the town. Boy, times have changed! Olivia Newton-John is smiling as you read this.

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