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Models.com Kings of Milano

"Male modeling’s royalty are on full display in director, Luca Finotti’s stunning tribute to masculine beauty. Fresh off the heels of Milan fashion week, he captures some of the biggest faces in the business, doing what they do best – raising your temperature while looking sultry in next to nothing. Francisco, Paolo, Sebastian, Leebo, Corey they’re all here and then some." - by Stephan for Models.com

Coutorture: You hear it all the time: Modeling isn’t so glamorous, blah, blah, blah. Imagine being squeezed into suffocating couture gowns which cut off your circulation or balancing on teetering heels as if you’re walking a tight rope. This doesn’t seem fun me. But, at least I know I would look fierce in the process, right?

Photographer/videographer Justin Wu kinda-sorta brings these mental images to life (without the painful element) in this video-story for Models.com showcasing Jantaminiau Couture.

(via teamjwu)

"The new androgyny, the year of Lara, the unstoppable Baptiste, the size issue… What will 2010 be remembered for? Which models, campaigns, covers and editorials? Here are what we considered the highlights of the year, in numbers and images.

2010 was a whirlwind year for fashion; it is hard to think of another year where so many revolutions took place. From shakeups at the biggest magazine’s in the world, to the deaths of beloved designers, the year was marked by dramatic change and visionary reinventions.” - Stephen for Models.com

With magazines, you don’t really express yourself; you express a corporate vision, you express the vision of Conde Nast. It’s not really your point of view. You can’t say in the magazine what you really like, it’s all a very political vision. So I thought, maybe I should spend some time and energy to finally have my little voice, and now it’s happening.

Notoriously campy fashion editor Anna Dello Russo discussing her career journey with Christopher Michael for Models.com.

Photography by Rad Hourani for Models.com.

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