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Happy Hump Day!

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ONLY 110 DAYS LEFT UNTIL SUMMER (so get that body snatched)!

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ONLY 118 DAYS LEFT UNTIL SUMMER (Yes, it’s that time again!)

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Sex Drivers: MTA bus drivers create their own sexy calendar. Read this post while you listen to Rufus & Chaka Khan.

Plastic Perfection: Actor Taylor Lautner is either wearing more foundation than Eddie Murphy in Boomerang and/or is retouched to the point of no return for the cover of the Fall 2011 edition of VMan, interestingly titled "The Archetypes Issue". I guess the archetype Mr. Lautner is going for is plastic action figure.

Where The Boys Are: “It’s that time of the year when we thank God all the hot, toned guys don’t like girls.” Someecards, you have never lied!


Gimme A Break: [NYC] Pride taking a break for salad.


If [Jon Hamm] was, say, 7-10 years younger, he would have been to Superman what Christian Bale is to Batman

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International Male: Out magazine’s associate (travel) editor, Justin Ocean, posted an interesting article on Out Traveler’s website titled Global Lookbook. It’s basically, like, an international buffet of men! But, when you look a little closer, there’s more than meets the eye. Justin Ocean explains why:

"Thanks to some intrepid work by weblog Postnational Monitor and some online software that averages collections of human faces at FaceResearch.org — and if you’re to believe all the psychological beauty research, average equals attractive — we present a Global Lookbook, cataloging what the common man looks like in 46 different countries/ethnic groups.”

I don’t know about you. But, after seeing what the world has to offer on-average, I’m ready to taste the rainbow—and I’m not referring to Skittles.

Read full article here.

Happy Hump Day!

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"Now that STD-awareness campaigns and AIDS paranoia have faded, young men are throwing caution—and condoms—to the wind. Trouble is, the dangers are as clear and present as ever.” - Ian Daly

Note: Clearly, the only three baffoons in all of New York City were available for this Details interview.

"Still single, gals? America’s most eligible bachelors don’t live where you think. The Daily Beast crunched the numbers to pinpoint the 36 cities with the most—and least—dateable guys." - The Daily Beast

Article - Eligible Batchelors - Gallery Launch

Only 148 More Days Till Summer!

Casting Call: Wouldn’t it be fun to hold a virtual casting call with some of today’s hottest male models on the fashion scene? Well, clearly you’re not the only one to think of such an idea because Marcelo Burlon beat you to the punch. He directed this fun, little video profiling seventeen very twinky (and very in-demand) boys during men’s show season.

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