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Well, you can make a film in Hollywood without Steven Spielberg’s blessing, and you can publish software in Silicon Valley without Bill Gates’s blessing, but it’s pretty clear to me you can’t succeed in the fashion industry without Anna Wintour’s blessing.

— R. J. Cutler—a noted filmmaker who produced the popular Vogue documentary The September Issue—commenting on Anna Wintour’s heavy influence throughout the world of fashion, in a cover story for the April 2011 issue of WSJ.

Anna Wintour photographed by Mario Testino for the April 2011 issue of WSJ.


No wonder so many people in this country are so messed up! The advertising industry used to tell the American public that it was perfectly healthy to proffer your children with soda pop, television and cocaine. Guns were on every child’s Christmas wish list. Women were either whores or did chores. Young girls were chubbies, yet sugar would somehow help you control your diet. Doctors not only approved of smoking, they were tokers of tobacco themselves. That is several generations of crazy.

"Some brands are reaching out directly to consumers, cutting luxury publications out of the process." - David Carr

"Vanity Fair is arguably the thinking man’s Us Weekly. It’s a real treat to read about the trials and tribulations of some weird oil heiress that’s been fighting over her inheritance and sleeping with her stepfather." - Ryan O’ Connell

"As you get you older, you’ll transition to reading grownup Vogue, bag yourself a hedge-funder named Barry and watch the days just languidly pass by. Sometimes, you’ll stir your finger into your cocktail without noticing because you’ll be completely in a daze. You’ll whisper to yourself, “I guess it’s….time….to get ready for the Multiple Sclerosis Disco Dance-Off Charity Ball.” - Ryan O’ Connell


The Year That Never Was: Illustrator Tomer Hanuka has published some of his rejected New Yorker cover ideas for 2010, some of which went as far as a final without publishing. 

“Fashion-obsessed student, 22, had Ohio home raided by feds” - The Smoking Gun 

Conde Nast “hacker”, Ross Ulrich

What happens to the form itself is much more of a critical issue now. As things get thinner and thinner, with less and less substance, there’s less and less history and memory in it. That’s my great fear about fashion: I’ll have to write about the clothes.

Cathy Horyn discussing the internet’s influence on fashion, with Cynthia Haven for The Stanford University News.

Nancy Troy and Cathy Horyn

Photo: Steve Castillo for The Stanford University News

Are men’s magazines coming out of the closet or are they just catching up with the modern man?

GQ before (Mike Piazza/April 1999) and after (Taylor Lautner/July 2010).

Men once “metrosexual” are foregoing their moisturisers and manicures for a new “machosexual” image…When the economic times get tough men often refocus on core masculine values. In previous recessions men found other ways to reassert their masculinity outside of the world of work.

Leave it to the media to coin a new term to define what it means to be a man in today’s society - ‘Homo’, ‘Hetero’, ‘Metro’, ‘Macho’! Soon men won’t know there heads from their asses (and hopefully won’t smell like one)!

Source: 'British Men Rediscover Their Masculinity In Financial Crisis' by Sarah O’ Grady, social affairs correspondent for The Daily Express

Christian G.

Media Mogul, Robert Nicholas

Hailing from Media, Pennsylvania, Bobby Nicholas is one of Ford Models' newest faces. I love how Ford is jumping on Tumblr's bandwagon. Twitter and Tumblr are definitely the latest trends in social media, but for logical reasons. Facebook still reigns within its market, but it's filled with so much clutter: friends tagging you in unflattering photos, silly applications on par with junkmail, countless event invites begging for attendance, etc. It's a tad overbearing! Twitter and Tumblr slice through the drama, presenting you with a bottom line: easy information. 

This totally has nothing to do with Bobby. But, since I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia, I thought I’d give him and his hometown a shout-out since I have childhood memories in Media, PA. This is proof that my lips never stop.


If you follow Ford Models on Twitter, then you have likely read about our online application to become a model. Yes, we really do look at the pictures submitted. Invariably we find new talent in this manner and launch their careers in modeling. From Melbourne to Media, PA we’ve signed aspiring models who submitted their pictures to Ford Models.

Last week we introduced you to Gadir and this week we would like to introduce you to Ford Men’s newest charge, Bobby. Hailing from the Keystone State at 6’1” (185 cm), 20-year-old Bobby was discovered in December and inked his Ford Models contract just last month. Today Bobby is being photographed for a major Fall/Winter 2010 campaign.

This story originally appeared on the Ford Models Blog.

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