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Queerty’s Dan Tracer describes the character archetypes of HBO’s Looking down to a T.



Burning Questions on Friendfactor

Friendfactor makes it easy to ask difficult questions when a friend or family member comes out. Friendfactor was founded by 2010 PopTech fellow Brian Elliott to unlock the power of friendship to accelerate legal freedoms for LGBT people. 


Morning Lovin’: ”Whatever you do in bed”, as long as it’s not with someone of the same sex (God forbid!), “Sealy supports you”.

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"If you’re not Hispanic, I want you to have an olive skin tone. I really like dark skin and it’s something that’s non-negotiable. The last person I need to be with is another white boy from the Valley.

You also need to have a nice ass and look like you eat regularly. I’m not in the mood to be the fat one in the relationship so if you could keep eating that spaghetti, that would be great.” - Ryan O’ Connell

"Go away to New York or San Francisco for college and become a full-time homosexual. In the next four years, become exposed to all different types of gay men. Meet fat hairy gay men who sing in choirs, thin tan boys who run track, vegans who want to go to India, serial monogamists, sluts, Lady Gaga fans, Grizzly Bear fans. Taste every color of the gay rainbow. Begin to understand that the only thing that links all gay men together is a mutual love of penis.” - Ryan O’ Connell

Keepin’ It Real: This goes out to Sir Ian McKellan: you ain’t never lied!

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"Advocate contributor and TheNewGay.net editor Zack Rosen is a white, cisgender gay man — and he wants to know if that means he should also be sorry.”


"Census Bureau demographers say new data shows that Jacksonville, Fla., is home to one of the biggest populations of gay parents in the country." - Sabrina Tavernise

(Photo by Sarah Beth Glicksteen for The New York Times) Jacksonville, Fla., is home to Latisha Bines, far right, Misty Gray, at far end, and their family.


Golden Globes: Chris Colfer won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series, and the night for his inspiring anti-bully remark.

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Bear Necessities: What do fashion designers Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra (of Costello Tagliapietra), Tomas Maier (of Bottega Veneta) Albert Elbaz (of Lanvin) and Thierry Mugler all have in common? They’re all “bears”. And fashionable “bears” need to look good at all times. I mean, c’mon! Who needs Hermes when you have Bearmes?

Bearmes Etui Pour iPhone Signature ($25.00), Bearmes Fourre Tout Signature ($30.00); both items available at Bearmes.com.

Shakedown directed by Leilah Weinraub

"SHAKEDOWN is the story of a black lesbian strip club in Los Angeles. The film is anchored in the stories of three women: Ronnie Ron, the creator and emcee of Shakedown, a large butch/stud lesbian and former Jehovah’s Witness; Egypt, a single mother, beauty pageant fanatic, and dedicated self - (re)inventor; and Jazmyne, the complicated and sometimes conflicted "Queen" of Shakedown. We go through the process of their labor with them and record what they do, and how they feel about what they are doing."

Survey Says: The time has come for Out Magazine’s release of their First Annual Sex & Love Survey. And what will we learn from this interesting roundup of information? Well, according to the survey:

1.) Younger gay men are more comfortable with coming out to their families and friends, which makes a lot of sense since homosexuality is a little more accepted in today’s society more so than ever before.

2.) The word “partner” is a more accepted term than the word “boyfriend” when referring to a committed significant other.

3.) Gay men tend to masturbate and crave sex more than actually having it. This is good to hear since I thought I was the only one dusting cobwebs off of my bed.

4.) Gay men from the mid-western region of the United States are most likely to be sexually versatile and least likely to date outside their race.

5.) Gay men from the northeastern region of the United States are most likely to “come out” before the age of 22 and are least likely to move in with their partners more so than in any other region.

6.) Gay men from the southern region of the United States are most likely to have kids yet, ironically, least likely to get married. Basically, it’s a region full of baby daddies running around.

7.) Gay men from the western region of the United States are the most open to dating outside their race but get this—most likely to be married but, ironically, least likely to want kids. I guess the men from the south should meet the men from the west. Wouldn’t that make sense?

8.) Gay men between the ages of 26-35 crave sex the most while, surprisingly, men between the ages of 45-65 are having the most sex. I’ve always said older men are better in bed.

9.) Men between the ages 36-45 are the most wishy-washy about gay marriage while men between the ages of 55-65 could care less about marriage. I mean, would you at that age?

10.) If gay men were to ever cheat on their spouses (and they are since 68% of them claim to have been cheated on and 51% having had cheated), they’re most likely to cheat with Ryan Reynolds. I guess that’s why, according to the survey, 71% of gay men are in open relationships. I guess they’ve got to make it work somehow, right?

11.) Size doesn’t matter.

12.) A threesome is the most popular kinky behavior amongst the gays. Menage a trois anyone?

13.) Gay men drink more than drug before and/or during sex, which means alcohol is most dangerous substance leading to unprotected sex.

Click here to view the survey for more interesting facts.

Love Is In The Air: The February 2011 issue of Out—titled The Love Issue—features fashion designer Tom Ford with his longtime partner Richard Buckley. They talk with the magazine in an exclusive interview, which is a pretty big deal since they rarely give interviews together.

There are 22 other notable LGBT couples (like supermodel Tasha Tilberg and girlfriend Lauren Wilson as well as Grizzly Bear band member Ed Droste and boyfriend Chad McPhail) profiled in this very issue, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

When Trannies Attack Fight Back: Life lesson #1: Never mess with a transsexual nor a scorned transvestite (aka drag queen). If you ever play against this rule, you WILL suffer the consequences.

Example #1: YouTube sensation Mimi Plastique from Cleveland, Ohio is on a bus and “getting off on Jarvis”. With heels in hand, she’s ready to fight a mouthy bus rider who apparently likes upsetting high-heel wielding, mace spraying transsexuals. The best part of this video is the innocent girl caught between the crossfire of words. Even though she’s keeping her cool, she’s praying that Miss Plastique doesn’t accidentally spray her with that can of mace.

Example #2: Never mess (children included) with a tranny in a sexy, hot pink dress.

Example #3: Never mess with a group of hungry transvestites, as CNN reported from a McDonald’s in Memphis, Tennessee. Everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But, the wounded thugs in the clip were too ignorant to understand that. Sucks to be them! Case closed.

Marriage woes: Compiled by Patrick Farley through Facebook polls, this interesting diagram maps out the very public debate regarding same-sex marriage in the United States of America.

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