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Videos just bowed of the recent Chanel Haute Couture presentation for Fall 2012. Their sets always are astounding. This time it was no less so. A replica of the Place Vendôme was installed within the Grand Palais. This one was lit up in neon, to mimic the way that the Paris streets look on GPS screens. Of course, a lucite statue of Coco Chanel was placed atop the faux Vendôme Column in place of Napolean. Pretty major, at least enough to be shot across YouTube screens the world over.

I’ve posted the amazing second half of the show above, laden with intricately beaded gowns that are among the week’s best—truly stunning. The first part of the show is available here.

Baptiste Giabiconi, "Showtime"

The verdict is in: Some male models should STAY male models.

Pirelli Calendar 2011 by Karl Lagerfeld Making Of.. from gabriel on Vimeo.

The Making of the 2011 Pirelli Calendar

Karl Lagerfeld was given the honors this year to photograph the 2011 Pirelli Calender, sort of like the Victoria’s Secret fashion show of calenders (if that makes any sense). His vision for this year’s project was based on the gods and goddesses glorified in Greek and Roman mythology. This is a suitable theme since models are “unearthly human beings,” according to Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy who portrays Artemis and Penthesilia.

As a fan of male ass, I was very pleased to see Miss Lagerfeld add some testosterone to the mix a la Baptiste Giabiconi, Brad Kroenig, Garrett Neff, Jake Davis and Lagerfeld’s long-time-sexy-as-hell bodyguard Sebastian Jondeau. I mean…we are talking about Greek mythology, a set of beliefs strongly associated with glorifying the male form…and it’s no secret Miss Lagerfeld loves the male form.

Can we talk about Jamaican beauty Janeil Williams’ portrayal as Hades? Granted she rocked it out on set, but damn! Why does the only dark-skinned black model have to be cast as Hades, god of the underworld and death? Isn’t it bad enough that black people have a negative reputation with death and crime to begin with? I guess this explains Miss Lagerfeld’s decision to cast the only black model as the most horrific creature in Greek mythology.

Technically this video is NSFW, but granted that 99% of female models are built like 9-year old boys without penises only means you’re most likely going to be safe. 

Baptiste Giabiconi as Apollo, god of music.

I’m lost for words.

Perfect when dressed and stunning undressed.

Karl Lagerfeld commenting on his latest boy-toy-muse-of-the-moment: Baptiste Giabiconi.

Male model Baptiste Giabiconi and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel, Spring/Summer 2011 collection

Honey, I get chills every time I watch this video of Karl Lagerfeld’s spring/summer 2011 collection for Chanel. Miss Lagerfeld knows how stage a show and -let me tell you!- this show is exactly what Paris is and should always be about.

The score from the live orchestra puts me in a subconcious trance as I’m mesmerized by the opulence of the Grand Palais. And where can one buy that soundtrack? Can we talk about that? I mean, the music is fierce! And that set! Ugh, words cannot explain!

The best thing you can do is watch this video, so you’ll understand why I’m under fashion cardiac arrest. That and the fact that Baptiste Giabiconi can get it! Let’s just say that Miss Lagerfeld has impeccable taste in men. Those signature black sunglasses of hers clearly help her see the light in male beauty.

View Part 2 of the video here.

A Wonderful ‘Wonderland’!

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (left to right: Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter as Red Queen, and Mia Wasikowska as Alice)

Last night, I went to an early private-screening for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. A friend of mine is a film critic at The New York Times and had asked me to join him. I was very excited to see this film because of my fascination with its costume drama and make-up artistry. It looked so amazing in the previews and Tim Burton never fails to impress his audience on a visually creative level.  I watched the movie in 3-D, taking my experience to a whole new level. I literally felt like I was in Wonderland, trapped in a whimsical world that I would never escape. Almost too good to be true, it was kind of surreal and a little scary at the same time.

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