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JAY LENO: So where were the girls better? Louisana or New York?
IAN SOMERHALDER: They were sweeter and more amazing in Louisana, uhh but they were a lot looser and cooler in New York.
LENO: You know what? That was the most honest answer I’ve ever heard. Thank-you.
IAN: Well I am a guy.

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The emperor’s clothes may be old, however. I’m still interested in wearing them after reading this blog. Besides Cathy Horyn’s musings in The New York Times, The Emperors Old Clothes is the most honest fashion blog on the internet. My fashionable friend, Jose Germosen, has always, ALWAYS informed me to check out this blog, but living in the Information Age overwhelms me to the point of informational overload and I never get to see everything I want to read. I’m glad I finally got to see what all of the fuss is about because this blog is now one of my ‘must reads’. Check it out!

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