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Teddy Wayne imagines an annual open meeting among heterosexual men and women: http://nyr.kr/1cnTcQN

“That reminds me, first on the agenda: movies, always a central plank in our mission, since they’re where we go for our dates. Specifically those movies that depict a woman who works at a fashion magazine and dates a guy with slicked-back hair in finance, but he’s kind of a cad, and then she meets another guy who does pro-bono law but still makes a lot of money and is really nice, and eventually she realizes that the second guy is much better for her after she catches the first guy cheating on her with his secretary.”

Photograph by Sebastian Lang/Corbis.

"A psychiatrist at New York University who studies human sexuality has devised an incredibly specific test to get to the bottom of how gay/straight/bi/queer everybody really is! It’s called the Flexualitytest, and in a little under 15 minutes you can finally pinpoint your real sexual orientation once and for all.” - Madison Moore

For those of you who squirm at the idea of labeling your sexuality, get ready for this: According to the Flexuality test, the terms “bi-“, “homo-” and “heterosexual” aren’t clear enough words to determine an individual’s sexuality. Add to the mix: “ambisexual”, “heteroflexible”, “polyamourous”, “queer” and “supersexual”.

If you ask me, this is just a fancier, more complicated version of the Kinsey Scale. Click here to take the test which will determine results a person with a brain can figure out on their own.



Love, love, love this parody. It makes us want to throw on elaborate hats and leather trousers immediately.

(via firecrkr-deactivated20130914)

Dating site OK Cupid researched the sexual lifestyles of their heterosexual and homosexual male subscribers and found some interesting results:

1.) For the most part, gay men are not sexually interested in straight men.

2.) Gay men are not anymore promiscuous than their heterosexual counterparts.

3.) Heterosexuals have gay sex too.

4.) Surprisingly the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, West Coast, the upper reaches of New England and pretty much all of Canada is ‘gay curious’.

5.) Heterosexual males are apparently more adventurous, aggressive, competitive, confident, dorky, horny, into sports, kinky, optimistic, polite, romantic, religious and violent while homosexual males tend to be more ambitious, artsy, compassionate, generous, introverted, literary, political, spontaneous and trusting. Although both gay and straight men are equally into drug use.

Clearly a lot of these results are not facts we never knew before. But, it’s still interesting information regarding the differences and similarities between heterosexual and homosexual men. See more here.

Men once “metrosexual” are foregoing their moisturisers and manicures for a new “machosexual” image…When the economic times get tough men often refocus on core masculine values. In previous recessions men found other ways to reassert their masculinity outside of the world of work.

Leave it to the media to coin a new term to define what it means to be a man in today’s society - ‘Homo’, ‘Hetero’, ‘Metro’, ‘Macho’! Soon men won’t know there heads from their asses (and hopefully won’t smell like one)!

Source: 'British Men Rediscover Their Masculinity In Financial Crisis' by Sarah O’ Grady, social affairs correspondent for The Daily Express

Christian G.

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