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WATER, WATER, EVERYWHERE: The human body greatly benefits from drinking plenty of water yet many of us refuse to incorporate it into our diets. It lowers cholesterol, prevents excessive weight gain, burns those nasty calories and speeds up the metabolism. With beach weather just over the horizon, it seems like increased water consumption is one step closer to a healthier body.

BRAIN DRAIN: More than eight glasses a day and that water intake will pay! That’s the word on the street according to this informative video produced by asapSCIENCE. Drinking too much water leads to water intoxication (Yes, there’s such a thing!). So much for being healthy. I guess the saying is true: too much of a good thing can be bad. Just imagine the number of bathroom breaks! I can’t!

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'Roid Rage: I have a good friend who happens to run a blog here on Tumblr called The Leading Blacks. He told me about a very interesting documentary released in the summer of 2008 called Bigger, Stronger, Faster which shined a spotlight on a man’s number-one best-kept secret: anabolic steroids. The reason why this documentary struck a nerve, and was brought up in the first place, was because of a recent weekend trip I took to G Lounge—a popular gay nightspot in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. 

A friend of mine and I entered the lounge which happened to be teeming with a majority of men who were, in my honest opinion, on anabolic steroids. I swore when I inhaled the air I would never have to exercise for an entire year. The men—both patrons and employees (bartenders, go-go boys)—had bodies of Herculean proportions and/or were cut even better than Michaelangelo’s David. I looked around and knew deep down inside that I wasn’t “in Kansas anymore”.

Men’s bodies on average, even in a cosmopolitan city like New York, don’t look as amazing as seventy-five percent of the men at G Lounge that night. I informed my friend that everyone was clearly on [anabolic] steroids. I mean, how else would everyone in that room achieve such Adonis-like proportions? But, he looked at me as if I possessed a third eyeball in the middle of my forehead. “You honestly really think so?” he replied. And that’s when I suddenly understood that steroids are the gay community’s “800lb gorilla”—and believe me, there were many well-developed gorillas in the room that night.

Take a trip to New York’s Fire Island Pines—a very popular beachside gay destination off the coast of Long Island. Go during the prime-time summer season and you’ll think you’ve accidentally stepped into a mass photo shoot for Men’s Health. I’ve gone many times and the men who inhabit this “gay-getaway” redefine a whole new meaning to the military term “shock and awe”. Look at the men in Hollywood, especially Twilight: The Movie’s Taylor Lautner, American Psycho’s Christian Bale, Prince of Persia’s Jake Gyllenhaal and the upcoming Captain America’s Chris Evans. Some of their roles demanded for them to get into “perfect-condition” in a very short period of time. Also, don’t forget about the male fitness models staring at you from the covers of Men’s Fitness, Muscular Development and Muscle & Fitness. If you don’t think anabolic steroids had anything to do their physiques or any other example I’ve provided in this paragraph then think again.

The documentary Bigger, Faster, Stronger answered many of my questions regarding steroid’s effect on American culture and its influence on the insecurities of male vanity. The film even changed my perspective about anabolic steroids: I would never consider using them, but I no longer consider them to be a drug—something the U.S. government would like for the American public to believe. But, the film paints an even bigger picture: [anabolic] steroids are just another extension of American society’s greed for instant gratification. Or you can rightfully agree with a YouTube commenter’s summarization of the film:

"People say this movie is about steroids. Well, I say it’s about that and much more: it goes much deeper. It analyzes our society, our people, how we see ourselves, what we expect from our children (to be number one), the lies of the mass media. It’s the truth. It’s a movie about showing some real facts, something VERY UNCOMMON.”

To view the entire movie via YouTube, click on part 1:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11

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(Safe) Sex Sells: Good 50 X 80 is a non-profit project for graphic designers and artists to create advertisements which pinpoint important social problems. The following provocative images—centered around STD awareness and safe sex—were created by a selection of artists from around the world. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally see ads that aren’t selling you something you don’t need.

Made From The Best Worst Stuff On Earth: Ever wondered what happens when you take a sip of soda? Apparently, from the looks of this diagram by Term Life Insurance, you’re drinking your life away.


I think this should be breaking news..

“On the heels of World AIDS Day comes a stunning medical breakthrough: Doctors believe an HIV-positive man who underwent a stem cell transplant has been cured as a result of the procedure.” - According to huffingtonpost.com

It has been so long since the discovery of HIV/AIDS and for them to find a cure for it and it is only now that they find it. Great news certainly for those that have it as there is a chance for them to live without fears of the killing disease/virus, but also for everyone.

HIV since its discovery in 1981 to 2006, has killed around 25 million people and has infected an estimate of 0.6% people on this planet (and think 0.6% of the worlds population is pretty huge!)

Check out the article here by clicking on this link here!

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A Newsweek study of health, education, economy and politics, ranks the globe’s top nations. - Newsweek

"As more of us indulge our passion for local, organic delicacies, a growing number of Americans don’t have enough nutritious food to eat. How we can bridge the gap.” - Lisa Miller

Photo: Christopher Anderson for Newsweek

"You’ve heard the racial epithet: All you people look the same. It’s detestable, but a new study shows that the racist observation happens to be true.” - John Cloud

David Sacks/Getty Images

Photo: David Sacks/Getty Images

What does alcohol actually do once it enters your body and infiltrates your brain? Jezebel’s Kevin Purdy investigates this daunting question.

Below are some interesting facts to possibly decrease your chances of becoming an alcoholic (and you know who you are!):

1.) Alcohol works differently on full stomachs, young women, Asians and aspirin-takers.

2.) Alcohol intake kind of, sort of, extends your life (depending on intake).

3.) Alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells, but does inhibit them.

4.) Alcohol inhibits sex.

5.) Alcohol is pretty effective at inhibiting memory.

6.) Alcohol makes people seem more “intentional”.

7.) Alcohol is a terrible sleeping aid…meaning “nightcaps” are a sham!

Read on…you’ll never drink again.

"The new masculine ideal is trim and not thin, muscular but not top-heavy. To achieve this physique, many guys are adopting an unlikely approach: women’s workouts." - Kayleen Schaefer

Photograph by Eric Ray Davidson for Details

"A new test will soon enable STDs to be diagnosed via mobile phone or computer, a move that health experts hope will slow the rising rate of infection among young people" - Denis Campbell

mobile phone std

What’s really causing you to gain weight? Is exercising a sham? Are fruits and vegetables really good for you?

With so many trendy diets and breakthrough new-age health lifestyles launching everyday, you’ll never know what is actually good for you. But, according to controversial nutritionist Zoe Harcombe, she apparently has the answers in her new book The Obesity Epidemic: What Caused It? How We Can Stop It?

She caught up with the New York Post’s Cynthia R. Fagan to debunk some health-related myths:

Myth: Veggies and fruit are more nutritious than any other food.

Greens are good only if they are slathered in butter in order to deliver the fat-soluble vitamins they contain. Sugar in fruit gets stored as fat in the liver.

"You don’t need to push them on your kids; they are not as nearly as full of vitamins as meat, fish and egg."

Myth: Losing weight is about reducing calories.

"If you cut 500 calories from a 2,000-calorie daily diet, you will lose weight at first." But the body will compensate and turn down its metabolism to reduce energy and use fewer calories.

Myth: Starchy foods should be the main part of our diet.

Pasta, bread and grains turn into sugar in the blood, which is unhealthy. It forces the body to release insulin, which stores fat, in order to get the glucose levels back to normal.

Myth: We should exercise to combat obesity.

"It will only cause you to get hungry, and your body will crave carbohydrates, which causes weight gain." It’s better to walk regularly and control what you eat.

Myth: Fat is a definite no-no.

"Real fat from natural foods is good. Eat only what nature grows."

"Stop grazing and snacking. Go back to eating three good meals a day and manage your carbs if you want to lose weight," Harcombe said.

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