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Queerty’s Dan Tracer describes the character archetypes of HBO’s Looking down to a T.


The Gay ManThe Straight WomanThe Straight ManThe Gay WomanThomas McKee, Lauren Urasek, James Hawver and Kerry Campbell photographed by Christopher Anderson for New York Magazine

PICTURE PERFECT: Representing “the true outfitters of modern American style”, interior designer Nate Berkus and his fiance Jeremiah Brent headline Banana Republic’s latest advertising campaign. It’s one thing to have amazing engagement photos. But, it’s another thing to have your engagement photos plastered in every magazine, billboard and store. Talk about maximum exposure.

Where The Boys Are: “It’s that time of the year when we thank God all the hot, toned guys don’t like girls.” Someecards, you have never lied!

You spend your whole life fighting for rights you don’t even want for yourself. (Marriage and the military? No thanks!)…Gym was the bane of your entire childhood, but now you spend $1,350 a year on it. … You gym all day and unsafe all night. … It’s not even called “barebacking” anymore. It’s just “sex.”… You think “modern dance” means Britney. … You strangely turned off to Gaga the day she released a song about how great gays are. … You haven’t followed a female singer with two names since Alanis.

62 Reasons why Michael Musto hates being gay, including botox treatments and Kylie Minogue. [via.] (via villagevoice)

Gay Video & Lesbian Movies - Logo: Fierce TV

Body Beautiful: Recently, LOGO aired The Adonis Factor, a documentary by Christopher Hines about gay men’s obsession with beauty and physical perfection. After watching this film, a few things crossed my mind: 1.) Many of the men profiled were disgustingly obnoxious about their views regarding beauty. 2.) This film falsely stereotypes the entire gay community (since I don’t believe all gay men fall into the demographic profiled in this film) and 3.) even with the group of gay men who do fall into the category profiled, body image and beauty is unfortunately a pretty major issue within gay culture.

Watching the first quarter of the film was like watching a ridiculous satire about gay stereotypes—Larry Kramer’s Faggots ring a bell?—thanks to a cast of superficial queens yakking about how beautiful they believe they are and how they only roll with “the beautiful people”. However, after all of that nonsense, the film opens up about more serious topics like eating disorders, anabolic steroids, drugs, relationships and so on.

With summer just right around the corner, this is the perfect film for gay men to watch since many of them are right now killing themselves at the gym just to look good for hopeful validation from other men. It’s one thing to take care of yourself and be healthy for personal matters. But, it’s another thing to abuse fitness and beauty for the wrong reasons.


Burning Questions on Friendfactor

Friendfactor makes it easy to ask difficult questions when a friend or family member comes out. Friendfactor was founded by 2010 PopTech fellow Brian Elliott to unlock the power of friendship to accelerate legal freedoms for LGBT people. 

"The nameless, faceless filmmaker behind the latest viral sensation, the Black Spark, chats with us about why his sexually charged videos aren’t porn, the allure of the mask, and how he’s finding love this year." - Phillip P. Crook

Need to Know: Black Spark

Black Spark


Words That Hurt poster for the UC Davis Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center. Displayed for Principles of Community week in the Memorial Union until March 14th, 2011.

Dancing Queens: No, I am not referring to the popular tune by the group ABBA. I’m referring to Ukranian musical dance group Kazaky. Above is their music video for their new single "Love". And talk about working every angle and inch that can be worked—something they clearly demonstrate in this video.

It’s obvious this song sucks. But, they make up for it in visuals and choreography, right? At the end of the day, why don’t they just do serious back-up dancing for Lady Gaga or Beyonce? Or actually Rihanna who seriously needs all the help she can get regarding dance moves and choreography?

Lastly, listen to the lyrics. They sound like something that would come out of the mouth of an extremely superficial gay man who thinks he’s God’s gift to the Earth.

(via justified)

"A psychiatrist at New York University who studies human sexuality has devised an incredibly specific test to get to the bottom of how gay/straight/bi/queer everybody really is! It’s called the Flexualitytest, and in a little under 15 minutes you can finally pinpoint your real sexual orientation once and for all.” - Madison Moore

For those of you who squirm at the idea of labeling your sexuality, get ready for this: According to the Flexuality test, the terms “bi-“, “homo-” and “heterosexual” aren’t clear enough words to determine an individual’s sexuality. Add to the mix: “ambisexual”, “heteroflexible”, “polyamourous”, “queer” and “supersexual”.

If you ask me, this is just a fancier, more complicated version of the Kinsey Scale. Click here to take the test which will determine results a person with a brain can figure out on their own.

"If you’re not Hispanic, I want you to have an olive skin tone. I really like dark skin and it’s something that’s non-negotiable. The last person I need to be with is another white boy from the Valley.

You also need to have a nice ass and look like you eat regularly. I’m not in the mood to be the fat one in the relationship so if you could keep eating that spaghetti, that would be great.” - Ryan O’ Connell

"Go away to New York or San Francisco for college and become a full-time homosexual. In the next four years, become exposed to all different types of gay men. Meet fat hairy gay men who sing in choirs, thin tan boys who run track, vegans who want to go to India, serial monogamists, sluts, Lady Gaga fans, Grizzly Bear fans. Taste every color of the gay rainbow. Begin to understand that the only thing that links all gay men together is a mutual love of penis.” - Ryan O’ Connell

"Next is a message from white4latinoass that, admittedly, isn’t that creative a screen name and I’m not that into racial stereotyping so I’m already put off. Read his profile. Dude’s into crystal meth and that kind of freaks me out so I don’t say anything back. Bro gets exed out." - Madison Moore

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