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7 Billion: Are You Typical? — National Geographic Magazine @ Yahoo! Video

Just Typical: A person living in the United States under the spotlight of conservative American culture and the Western world—not to mention with help from advertisers and the media—would unfortunately believe the most typical person on the planet to be a Caucasian male. But, anyone with a drop common sense and some education would understand this idea to be false.

According to National Geographic, the world’s most typical person is a 28-year-old Han Chinese man. But, he won’t be for long. By the year 2030, the typical person will be a man around the same age hailing from India.

Not to go off topic, but I’m curious to understand why the fashion world is just now obsessed with marketing to the Chinese population when the world’s most typical person has always been a young Chinese man? It’s as if the fashion world never knew Chinese people existed and, abracadabra, they’ve made a new discovery!

Take a good look at the runways during the current fashion week season and you’ll notice the Western world’s token-du-jour: An Asian person. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I would be a little insulted if I were of Asian descent and I’m NOW being noticed. Thanks to a booming Chinese economy, it’s clear that money talks. But, there has always been money in China and other Asian countries.

What will happen come 2030? Will Indian be the next trend in the eyes of the Western world? My solution is to cut the bullshit and showcase diversity across the board. We all have spending power at the end of the day.

(via machine-factory)

"Louis Vuitton finally has given a nod to its most important demographic in Asia: Chinese men." - Jason Chow

Louis Vuitton’s new ad campaign features Taiwanese-Canadian model Godfrey Gao, the first Asian man to showcase the French luxury brand’s products.

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