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When Gumby Attacks: A man who dressed up as Gumby tried to rob a San Diego 7-Eleven. He was foiled in his attempts after the store clerk, apparently annoyed, declared “I don’t have time for this.”

"California faces the risk of a catastrophic storm that could cause four to five times as much economic damage as a large quake, scientists and emergency planners warn." - Felicity Barringer

"American States, like Americans themselves, are fond of trumpeting their superlatives. To hear them tell it, they’re all first in something: Corn growth, coal production, giant-est giant-ball-of-twine, blah, blah, blah. But something’s not adding up, States: If you’re all so great, how come the country’s giving off the distinct odor of failure?" - Anthony King and Scott Brown

A banana and its Cali sticker. Cake crumbs on a decorative plate. Kentucky-fried chicken leg! Silverware wrapped in napkin with flower Burger, fries and spilled Coke on a lid. Loaded nachos! Corn on a cob. Broken saltine crackers in tomato soup. A quick and easy microwave dinner! A cherry Pop Tart!

The United Plates by John Holcomb

Artwork for a person with an appetite for U.S. geography - no pun intended!

D.C. as a cherry Pop Tart, Connecticut as a microwavable TV dinner and New York as a greasy diner meal is already making my stomach growl!

See more States here for a serious chow-down!

Fashion in San Francisco? Practically non-existant. Personal style? Found in abundance.

Jose Germosen

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