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Spornogenic: That’s right! Hot athlete + sex appeal + photogenic features = Spornogenic. And what better person to represent the definition of this term than tennis sensation Rafael Nadal—starring in Emporio Armani’s latest underwear and jeans advertisements.

Liquor makes it quicker: Note to all affluent, college-educated, single, white, gay males with hot bodies from New Hampshire who work in the arts, frequent Washington D.C. and enjoy socializing with Ugandans and pregnant Danish women. According to Anneli Rufus, you’re all pretty much alcoholics!

Below are “15 stats that predict your propensity to imbibe” into some liquid courage. Also, click here to see the 40 drunkest cities.

1.) Men drink 11.1% more than women.

2.) New Hampshire residents consume 89% more beer than New Yorkers do.

3.) Ugandans drink 97,250% more alcohol than Pakastanis.

4.) The rich out-drink the poor by 27.4%.

5.) Almost twice as much wine is consumed in Washington, D.C., as in California.

6.) Caucasians drink 13.9% more than African-Americans.

7.) College graduates are nearly twice as likely to drink as are people who didn’t finish high school.

8.) People employed in the arts and the leisure and hospitality industries are nearly three times as likely to be “problem drinkers” as those employed in education, social services and health-care.

9.) Gay people drink 16% more than straight people.

10.) American college students participating in study abroad programs drink twice as much as they did before going abroad.

11.) The women of Denmark, Belarus and Luxembourg drink far more than women in Egypt, Cambodia and Fiji.

12.) The number of American women who binge-drink during the first trimester of their pregnancies has nearly doubled in recent years.

13.) Members of cohabitating couples are 11.2% more likely than married people to have had five more drinks in a single day at least once in the past year.

14.) College students who are both athletes and members of fraternities or sororities drink over three times as much as college students who are neither athletes nor part of the Greek system.

15.) Malt liquor drinkers drink 45% more than hard-liquor drinkers.

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ESPN Magazine, The Body Issue 2010

Let’s talk sports for a moment. Pro golfer Camilo Vallegas? 1.) Where did he come from? 2.) Where did all of that body come from? 3.) When did golfers start looking like Dolce & Gabbana models? Only one can pray for this to become a new and everlasting trend.

ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue 2010 really captured my attention this month thanks to a stunning portfolio of -ahem!- exposed flesh from soccer star Tim Howard, pro surfer Kelly Slater and¬†Olympic gold medalist figure skater Evan Lysacek. And the list keeps going!

Source: ESPN Magazine: The Body Issue 2010

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