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Incredible Celebrity Portraits Made Out Of Cassette Tapes by Erika Iris Simmons

American artist Erika Iris Simmons uses old cassette and video tapes to create incredible celebrity portraits…

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ACTON UP: London-based animator Iain Acton created an amazing series of geometric animated GIFS. They’re like little art installations for your computer screen. Check out more of his work here.

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Norman Rockwell
Detail of The Connoisseur, 1962

Art is anything you can get away with.

-Andy Warhol

Mario Israel Prado Jimenez Silvio Lorusso Amir Enami Joe Scorsone & Alice Drueding Dino Brucelas Kenny Li Koon Yin Hadi Hamidi Nathan Lombardi

(Safe) Sex Sells: Good 50 X 80 is a non-profit project for graphic designers and artists to create advertisements which pinpoint important social problems. The following provocative images—centered around STD awareness and safe sex—were created by a selection of artists from around the world. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally see ads that aren’t selling you something you don’t need.


Conuropsis carolinensis by Luca Mantovanelli

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Do you suppose people like commercial things, i.e art, music, fashion, reality shows regardless if it’s good or bad to feel a sense of belonging, connection, or community? It’s a lot easier to follow the leader than be one. I guess thinking for one’s self is too much for most. Just a thought.

- Honey Redmond aka DJ Honey Dijon

"A new generation of Web sites could make a legitimate tastemaker of anyone with an eye for what’s fashionable." - Austin Considine

Ashton Kutcher’s page on TheFancy.com.


The Art Of George Quaintance

New book by TaschenLeaf through book by clicking here.

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What a beautiful cock!

This intricate illustration was created by ZSO (aka Sara Blake), a New York City-based illustrator and fine artist.

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I love this San Francisco poster by Kevin Dart.

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New York Typography

We love this. But since he was raised there, Tom would point out that Randall’s Island is spelled with two “l”s, dear Ursula.

I was wondering what the Hell this was when I went to the Highline after the Richard Chai show on Monday.


Barbara Kruger downtown new york

To build excitement for the new downtown location of the Whitney, the museum commissioned three artists, Guyton/Walker, Tauba Auerbach and Barbara Kruger, to contribute to an ongoing public art project on the site of the future building. The artists stays true to their aesthetics but must use printed vinyl as the medium to mold and cover the fences and surrounding area on the corners of Gansevoort and Washington St. The current Barbara Kruger installation of iconic black and white word images debuted over the weekend and is visible at both ground level and from the High Line, New York. Text and Photo Juliana Balestin

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Sylvain’s ‘Boom Boom’ Room!

Sylvain Norget

I have a crush on Sylvain Norget, a man who has no inhibitions about anything. A former interior designer and model cum photographer, he has transformed himself into his own personal art installation. One of his latest projects titled The Naked Rabbit Project is a complete book and blog, chronicling his bout to overcome his fear of rabbits. The reasoning for his exhibitionism throughout this project beats me, but I am certainly not complaining.

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