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You’re stressed? Well, don’t go to Los Angeles! According to the American Psychological Association’s Stress In America survey, L.A. is America’s most stressed city. I guess all of that sunshine doesn’t put a smile on your face after all.

Dennis Romero for LA Weekly compiled results on his blog. Consider these facts regarding L.A.’s stress: 

"Nearly three in 10 Angelenos say they’re stressed out, according to the report.

-Three-quarters of you say your stress is over money.

-Nearly half of you are irritable.

-Sixty-nine percent of Angelenos have job stress (if you even have jobs).

-Nearly one-third of you said pressure to look good causes stress (of course).

-And only about one in five us deal with stress by praying (shame on you).

Feeling down? Don’t fear. Remember what Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said this week: “No one cares if you smoke a joint or not.”

See the full survey of America’s stress here.

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