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"Imagine this friend three hours from now when they’ll be puking all over their nice birthday outfit. They won’t even have had their cake yet and all of their friends will be FREAKING. OUT. Someone who’s only medium-drunk will have to take them home and leave them on their bed half-naked with Doritos in their hair." - Ryan O’ Connell

Survey Says: The time has come for Out Magazine’s release of their First Annual Sex & Love Survey. And what will we learn from this interesting roundup of information? Well, according to the survey:

1.) Younger gay men are more comfortable with coming out to their families and friends, which makes a lot of sense since homosexuality is a little more accepted in today’s society more so than ever before.

2.) The word “partner” is a more accepted term than the word “boyfriend” when referring to a committed significant other.

3.) Gay men tend to masturbate and crave sex more than actually having it. This is good to hear since I thought I was the only one dusting cobwebs off of my bed.

4.) Gay men from the mid-western region of the United States are most likely to be sexually versatile and least likely to date outside their race.

5.) Gay men from the northeastern region of the United States are most likely to “come out” before the age of 22 and are least likely to move in with their partners more so than in any other region.

6.) Gay men from the southern region of the United States are most likely to have kids yet, ironically, least likely to get married. Basically, it’s a region full of baby daddies running around.

7.) Gay men from the western region of the United States are the most open to dating outside their race but get this—most likely to be married but, ironically, least likely to want kids. I guess the men from the south should meet the men from the west. Wouldn’t that make sense?

8.) Gay men between the ages of 26-35 crave sex the most while, surprisingly, men between the ages of 45-65 are having the most sex. I’ve always said older men are better in bed.

9.) Men between the ages 36-45 are the most wishy-washy about gay marriage while men between the ages of 55-65 could care less about marriage. I mean, would you at that age?

10.) If gay men were to ever cheat on their spouses (and they are since 68% of them claim to have been cheated on and 51% having had cheated), they’re most likely to cheat with Ryan Reynolds. I guess that’s why, according to the survey, 71% of gay men are in open relationships. I guess they’ve got to make it work somehow, right?

11.) Size doesn’t matter.

12.) A threesome is the most popular kinky behavior amongst the gays. Menage a trois anyone?

13.) Gay men drink more than drug before and/or during sex, which means alcohol is most dangerous substance leading to unprotected sex.

Click here to view the survey for more interesting facts.

Liquor makes it quicker: Note to all affluent, college-educated, single, white, gay males with hot bodies from New Hampshire who work in the arts, frequent Washington D.C. and enjoy socializing with Ugandans and pregnant Danish women. According to Anneli Rufus, you’re all pretty much alcoholics!

Below are “15 stats that predict your propensity to imbibe” into some liquid courage. Also, click here to see the 40 drunkest cities.

1.) Men drink 11.1% more than women.

2.) New Hampshire residents consume 89% more beer than New Yorkers do.

3.) Ugandans drink 97,250% more alcohol than Pakastanis.

4.) The rich out-drink the poor by 27.4%.

5.) Almost twice as much wine is consumed in Washington, D.C., as in California.

6.) Caucasians drink 13.9% more than African-Americans.

7.) College graduates are nearly twice as likely to drink as are people who didn’t finish high school.

8.) People employed in the arts and the leisure and hospitality industries are nearly three times as likely to be “problem drinkers” as those employed in education, social services and health-care.

9.) Gay people drink 16% more than straight people.

10.) American college students participating in study abroad programs drink twice as much as they did before going abroad.

11.) The women of Denmark, Belarus and Luxembourg drink far more than women in Egypt, Cambodia and Fiji.

12.) The number of American women who binge-drink during the first trimester of their pregnancies has nearly doubled in recent years.

13.) Members of cohabitating couples are 11.2% more likely than married people to have had five more drinks in a single day at least once in the past year.

14.) College students who are both athletes and members of fraternities or sororities drink over three times as much as college students who are neither athletes nor part of the Greek system.

15.) Malt liquor drinkers drink 45% more than hard-liquor drinkers.

High Times: Do you know which countries produce the most coke heads? Did you know Europeans are the drunkest drunks on the planet? How about the fact that there’s possibly enough smokers in eastern Europe and Russia to help speed up global warming?

With all jokes aside, there’s a new exhibition called High Society on display at the Wellcome Center in London. According to their website, this exhibition “explores the paths by which drugs are discovered…and how they came to be simultaneously fetishised and demonised in today’s culture”.

On display at High Society is the above illustration by David McCandless and Joe Swainson. They have documented in colorful world maps which top 8 countries like cocaine, marijuana, heroin, meth, cigarettes and alcohol the most. Below are the results and click here to see the actual illustrations for each drug user:

Coke Heads: Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Panama, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America

Stoners: Australia, Canada, Ghana, New Zealand, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Zambia

Smack Heads: Afghanistan, Estonia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, United Kingdom

Ravers: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, United States of America, United Kingdom

Speed Freaks: Australia, Japan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom

Smokers: Bulgaria, Czech Rep., Croatia, Greece, Russia, Spain, Ukraine

Drunks: Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom

What does alcohol actually do once it enters your body and infiltrates your brain? Jezebel’s Kevin Purdy investigates this daunting question.

Below are some interesting facts to possibly decrease your chances of becoming an alcoholic (and you know who you are!):

1.) Alcohol works differently on full stomachs, young women, Asians and aspirin-takers.

2.) Alcohol intake kind of, sort of, extends your life (depending on intake).

3.) Alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells, but does inhibit them.

4.) Alcohol inhibits sex.

5.) Alcohol is pretty effective at inhibiting memory.

6.) Alcohol makes people seem more “intentional”.

7.) Alcohol is a terrible sleeping aid…meaning “nightcaps” are a sham!

Read on…you’ll never drink again.

Overall, alcohol is the most harmful drug because it’s so widely used…Crack cocaine is more addictive than alcohol but because alcohol is so widely used there are hundreds of thousands of people who crave alcohol every day, and those people will go to extraordinary lengths to get it.

Professor David Nutt (former UK Chief Drugs Adviser)

Source: Alcohol ‘More Harmful Than Heroin’ Says Prof. David Nutt (BBC UK)

Teenagers drinking alcohol

Some people automatically have a better chance in gaining financial wealth. Don’t believe the hype? Anneli Rufus uncovers fifteen statistical facts that will prove otherwise. Here’s twelve that caught my attention:

1.) Attractive individuals earn more than unattractive individuals.

2.) Individuals with higher IQ’s tend to be paid more, but don’t necessarily end up with more wealth than individuals with below-average IQ’s.

3.) Popular kids in high school earn more in the long run than their unpopular peers.

4.) Graduates of Harvey Mudd College earn the highest median salary ($126,000 of any college graduate while Coker College grads earn the lowest ($40,300).

5.) Tall people on average earn more than short people.

6.) Being married and staying married increases your net worth by 77%.

7.) Drinkers earn 10%-14% more than abstainers.

8.) Weight gain apparently plays a major role in wealth reduction except for Black men.

9.) People of Russian ancestry demonstrate a higher concentration of millionaires in the United States than those of all other ancestries.

10.) Blonde haired women earn more than non-Blondes.

11.) A non-smoker’s net worth is higher than a light-heavy smoker’s.

12.) If you’re born rich, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll stay rich. If you’re born poor than you might stay poor. But, there’s only a 36% chance of you staying that way. There’s still hope!

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