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Cock Fight: If you think you’ve seen or heard it all then check this out: How about a video game targeted to teenagers to prevent the spread of HIV? Forget using a control—all you need is your penis. Confused? I’ll let AIDS organization (and this game concept’s creator) Don’t Forget AIDS, e.V. explain this one:

"Cock Out: an online game that takes a literal approach to the fight against HIV. The user takes part in a virtual boxing match against the diabolical human immunodeficiency virus. What makes this game so unique is that it’s not played using a keyboard or joystick, but instead with the user’s penis — inside a special condom.

A marker on the condom packaging allows the user to access the game. The webcam detects the horizontal movements of the red condom on the player’s penis. The game’s features include a choice between three penis fighters, two hosts who ensure player “endurance” between rounds and a function that allows users to share their high scores on Facebook. Launched on World AIDS Day, the game was advertised using a TV ad, posters, flyers, viral films, banners, social networking sites and a condom distribution promotion.”

This takes the saying “rock out with your cock out” to a literal sense.

"Now that STD-awareness campaigns and AIDS paranoia have faded, young men are throwing caution—and condoms—to the wind. Trouble is, the dangers are as clear and present as ever.” - Ian Daly

Note: Clearly, the only three baffoons in all of New York City were available for this Details interview.

"I get tested every three months not because I need to, but because I have a sick fear that is obviously rooted in some other mental disturbance. HIV just gets to be its face." - Noah Tourjee


I think this should be breaking news..

“On the heels of World AIDS Day comes a stunning medical breakthrough: Doctors believe an HIV-positive man who underwent a stem cell transplant has been cured as a result of the procedure.” - According to huffingtonpost.com

It has been so long since the discovery of HIV/AIDS and for them to find a cure for it and it is only now that they find it. Great news certainly for those that have it as there is a chance for them to live without fears of the killing disease/virus, but also for everyone.

HIV since its discovery in 1981 to 2006, has killed around 25 million people and has infected an estimate of 0.6% people on this planet (and think 0.6% of the worlds population is pretty huge!)

Check out the article here by clicking on this link here!

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