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Get Me Bodied: A “Details subscriber” is a tongue-in-cheek term I use for straight men who I believe to be “closet-cases”. Like an “elephant-in-the-room”, Details magazine is speaking to a self-identified heterosexual male who pretends he’s not attracted to other men. To further prove my point: their March 2011 issue is devoted to the introduction of their brand-spanking-new Body Section—an easy excuse to provide their readers with much-needed masturbation material.

On another note: Details is doing something pretty major by featuring male models Sean ‘O Pry, Arthur Kulkov and Noah Mills on their March 2011 cover instead of an A-list celebrity. When was the last time a model, especially a male model, graced a cover of a mainstream American fashion magazine? Kudos to Details for hopefully relaunching a possible new direction in an over-saturated celebrity marketplace!


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