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8. Hey, people who work for “good causes” by standing in the middle of the sidewalk with a clipboard and asking us if we believe that homelessness should continue or if we want to fight child abuse. Of course we don’t think homelessness should continue! Of course we hate children being abused! What we don’t like is your passive agressive questioning technique, and the fact that you think that you can trick us into stopping and signing your petition/giving you money with it. Get off the streets, and onto a computer, where you can send us an email reminder to donate that we can simply delete without having to step around you. (Similarly, yes, we do like comedy, and we’re happy to tell someone where we got our hair done, but it’s not you.)

Jen Doll does it again. On a related note, we donate $15 a month to Greenpeace thanks to the St. Marks gauntlet of clipboard holders. We consider it good karma points (and also, we can’t figure out how to cancel it)


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